Do you know what you are getting?

img Do you know what you are getting

Louisville, KY: May 2002. 

With businesses coming back to life in Louisville it is important they follow the guidelines and precedents set before them for preparing the workspace in a world heightened to hygiene.

It is important that businesses are aware of exactly what they are getting. Many people today lump sanitizing, and disinfecting together in one process. However, this isn’t the case.
Sanitizing and disinfecting while sounding similar both have completely different meanings and results in keeping the workspace healthy and operating efficiently. The ability to understand the difference between the two processes will ultimately allow the business owner to receive the desired results they are investing in.

For a better understanding let’s take a look at what the two entail.

Sanitizing is wiping down a surface or object with a MICROfiber cloth and chemical to REDUCE the amount of dirt and bacteria on a surface.

Disinfecting is spraying a disinfectant on a surface and leaving it for the required minimum time ( DWELL ) for the chemical to completely KILL the bacteria, molds, fungi, and viruses.

With this information, it becomes easier to understand exactly what is happening to your surfaces when someone says it is sanitized or disinfected. Sanitization is essentially reducing the overall amount of dirt and bacteria on a surface by loosening these elements with a chemical and trapping them with a MICRO fiber cloth. Important to note that the use of a microfiber cloth is needed to consider it a sanitary clean. The use of a rag or standard cloth simply pushes around the bacteria and dirt without lowering the actual number of pollutants.

With companies beginning to re-open the need for disinfecting is high. This process KILLS viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungi on surfaces through the use of a disinfectant chemical and allowing said chemical to dwell on the surface for the appropriate amount of time to work effectively.

Choosing a company like Vanguard Cleaning Systems to handle your day to day janitorial needs and deep disinfecting is imperative to maintaining a healthy and thriving workplace. Our expert franchisees have been cleaning, sanitizing, and DISINFECTING our customers from the beginning. While sanitizing and cleaning maybe be necessary at times and faster to complete, the time, care, and attention our franchisees show in maintaining a level of disinfecting service speaks to the care we have for our customers and our city.

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