A Guide for Commercial Businesses New Year Resolutions

Clean January

As we start 2024, you might have written down some New Year’s resolutions, both personally and professionally. A recent health trend is called Dry January where people focus on drinking less alcohol. We think you should consider another trend – Clean January – and not overlook maintaining a clean and healthy environment at your business, which can have a significant impact on the productivity, safety, and well-being of your employees and customers.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the best New Year resolutions commercial businesses can set to achieve the best cleaning results. Whether you hire a professional cleaning service or have an in-house cleaning team, these resolutions will help you maintain a spotless and hygienic workplace that promotes success and prosperity.

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Set Cleaning Budgets and Goals

If you want to get the best cleaning results, you need to have a clear idea of what you want to achieve and how much you’re willing to spend. At the beginning of each year, set cleaning budgets and goals that align with your business objectives and operational needs. Consider the frequency and scope of cleaning tasks, the use of specialized equipment and chemicals, and the coordination with other departments or vendors. Having measurable and attainable goals will help you stay on track and evaluate your progress throughout the year.

Establish Cleaning Procedures and Standards

Consistency and quality should be at the core of your cleaning program, regardless of who performs the tasks. Develop cleaning procedures and standards for each area and surface based on best practices and industry standards. Consider aspects such as infection control, OSHA regulations, green cleaning, and customer satisfaction. Train your cleaning staff or communicate your expectations to your cleaning service provider and hold them accountable for following the procedures and standards consistently.

Invest in Equipment and Products

Cleaning with outdated or inefficient equipment and products can not only compromise the cleanliness of your facility but also affect the health and safety of your employees and customers. Evaluate your current janitorial vendor’s cleaning tools and chemicals. For example, they should be using HEPA vacuums, microfiber mops, touchless dispensers, or eco-friendly disinfectants that can reduce cross-contamination, waste, and environmental harm.

Foster a Culture of Cleanliness and Respect

Having a clean and healthy workplace is not just about physical appearance; it’s also about cultivating a culture of cleanliness and respect among your staff and visitors. Start by leading by example and promoting personal hygiene and tidiness among your employees. Encourage them to report any cleaning issues they notice and recognize their contributions to maintaining a safe and pleasant environment. Also, communicate your cleaning policies and expectations clearly and positively, and invite feedback or questions from your stakeholders.

Achieving the best cleaning results for your commercial business requires a proactive and strategic approach that encompasses budgeting, planning, training, monitoring, and promoting. By setting these Clean January New Years resolutions, you can ensure that your workplace is clean, healthy, and appealing, which can boost your reputation, retention, and revenue. Partner with a professional cleaning service such as Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville that shares your goals and values and start the year on a clean slate!