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Commercial Janitorial Services



Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville janitorial franchise businesses offer a wide range of commercial cleaning and janitorial services for general offices, industrial & logistics companies, private schools, and property-managed facilities.

We have operated locally out of Louisville, Kentucky for over 11 years, and proudly work with over 200 commercial clients. Our franchisees are known for providing five-star service. We have over fifty, five-star google reviews from Louisville businesses for our janitorial and commercial cleaning services

How much time are you spending on trying to get your current vendor to meet your specific needs? Our proactive approach will reduce the headaches and hassles of inconsistent service. Every business relationship requires fine-tuning, good listening, and a willingness to adjust. At Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville, we strive to be the best at working closely with our customers when needed, and help you focus on your job instead of ours! If you are not getting the service you deserve contact us for a commercial cleaning quote to meet your specific needs. 

Most of our customers receive a combination of the services listed here:

Another key to a successful relationship is learning about why your challenges might exist. Is the service frequency and time of day correct? Is there a clear communication plan and problem resolution process? Does your business operations or facility require a specific change in the service schedule?

We want to learn all of the details upfront so we can craft the right solution for you and your company! Let’s talk about the right commercial cleaning plan for your business.