Day Porter Services in Louisville

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Day porters have a direct impact on your building’s image and maintenance during business hours. Vanguard’s highly trained and qualified day porters improve the overall level of cleanliness of your facility, raise employee morale, and lower stress. Better still, your night cleaning team will have more time to focus on their highest-impact cleaning tasks, further improving your ROI.

Customize Task Programs for Day Porters

Together we can customize a task program that fits the specific needs of your facility and staff, including the potential following areas of focus:
img Vanguard High Touch Disinfecting

High-touch disinfecting

Has a positive impact on health and morale of staff. They get to see the investment you are making in a clean work environment.

img Vanguard Cleaning Common Areas

Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, and patios

Prevents the buildup of trash and food leftovers. The night cleaning team will have more time to clean these areas instead of removing excess trash.

img Vanguard Lobby Maintenance

Lobby maintenance

Ensures your entrance improves curb appeal and leaves a good first impression on visitors.

img Vanguard Cleaning Restocking Restrooms

Cleaning and restocking restrooms

Boosts employee morale, reduces complaints, and demonstrates your commitment to a safe and healthy environment.

img Vanguard Office Moves

Addressing immediate needs such as spills, stains, or office moves

The extra pairs of hands help address any time-sensitive cleaning needs that occur during business hours.