Micro Habits, Macro Results

img Micro Habits Macro Results

As you scroll through your timelines or listen to the conversation around you this time of year, one will notice the constant chatter of change. New year new me, so on and so forth.

From our personal life to our professional life we love the idea of change, starting over, creating new dreams and achieving them. By the end of January, most Americans (80%-90%) have failed to keep their resolutions. 30 days. 30 days is all it took for life to shatter dreams, disrupt your momentum and put you back under its spell.

We often set our resolutions too big, too fast and focus to much on the feeling of the end result and not the steps. In other words, we are staring at the postcard while trying to get there, instead of using the destination to plan our steps. By noticing the steps one needs to take to achieve reaching the desired destination we increase our chances for success tenfold.

By changing our daily habits, the SMALL ones, one at a time, we will change our life drastically. Think of this as the coffee example. If one wants to save $1000 this year, you don’t go looking for $1000 lump sum to grab and put away. We simply identify a trend in our life and change it, i.e. coffee. If one cuts out the $6 cup of coffee every morning before work, that is $30 a week/$120 month/$1440 a year. Simply by changing one habit.

The details matter. This is why our franchisees are hand-selected to do this at a corporate level of execution . Our franchisees know your time is precious, and by noticing the details of your work environment and cleaning in a timely and expert fashion, you get your minutes back. Those early morning minutes where Tina from accounting comes into your office to ask if someone is going to change the toilet paper or Mark from IT wants to know where his food went from the breakroom, eliminate, gone. You can almost hear the silence of your office now, can’t you?

Over the course of a year, that will add up! So ask yourself, what needs to be changed in my life and work? and how can Vanguard Cleaning Systems help?

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