Vanguard Helps Plant Trees at Kammerer Middle School

img Vanguard Helps Plant Trees at Kammerer Middle School

FEBRUARY 27, 2020. Kammerer Middle School, Louisville, KY.

The team at Vanguard Cleaning Systems partnered with Trees Louisville to plant over 30 trees on the grounds of Kammerer Middle School.

Trees Louisville’s Program Coordinator Rob Monsma started the day off giving everyone that showed up a lesson on how to plant a tree. The knowledge he was able to share in such a short amount of time was incredible. Rob is a graduate of the Center for Neighborhoods’ Neighborhood Institute program. He is passionate about addressing community issues in creative ways and using Geographic Information Systems as a tool for data analysis (Trees Louisville).

We quickly learned how to dig a proper sized hole for the seedlings to ensure proper growth that will ensure these trees are in their new homes for 100+ years.

Small acts like this can and will have a big impact on our local community. Vanguard donated 2% of it’s paper supply sales to Louisville Trees to help fund the Rubbertown Corridor Initiative directly. 

We are proud to give back to our community and make small consistent actions that will lead to big long term impacts! We are more than a janitorial service franchise company, we are Louisville!

If you are interested in helping out or want to get involved, reach out to .

 3 people standing around tree planted Program Coordinator Rob Monsma, with Vanguard’s Regional Director Craig Uhl and Office Manager Swati Tinwala