Look Down, You’d be surprised.

img Look Down Youd be surprised

“Pulling up to the park Wednesday presented a sense of anxiety, let me tell you why. Simply put, I was looking up. “

Our office decided to start putting our money where our mouth is a few months back when we decided we were going to not only clean up the buildings in our city but our city itself. This isn’t a small undertaking. The Louisville City Parks Department has done a great job establishing safe, beautiful areas within the metro limits for its’ residents to enjoy local nature. With so many parks to choose from we had to start somewhere, queue Iroquois Park.

After a few weeks of deliberating on the date and time we finally settled on a Wednesday. Excited to not only clean up the parks but to document the effort and bring awareness to not only the trash but to ourselves as well. We would be lying if we said we didn’t want the publicity. We do! However, we want it for the opportunity to create inspiration for others to clean up our city!

The day has come. Wednesday. Pulling up to the park Wednesday presented a sense of anxiety, let me tell you why. Simply put, I was looking up. Parking the vehicle with high hopes of seeing trash everywhere and an imposing sense of filth being on display, I was left wanting more, at first.

See, I was distracted by the Autumn leaves and beautiful playgrounds, until I looked down. Once, I looked down I saw what was truly there, blending in seamlessly with the surroundings. Trash.  It didn’t take long for me to realize, wow , there are a lot of items here that are not safe or healthy for kids to be around, touch , or as kids do put in their mouths. We were able to grab multiple cans of monster, beer bottles, bottle caps, Popsicle sticks, paper and plastic trash and more.

It hit me, this day in age with cell phones breaking our necks 24/7 looking down, these issues are going to become more and more prominent to the human eye. After all, it was because I looked down to text a co-worker about the park that I noticed my first piece of trash, leading me to my second, third and so on.

Knowing we were able to do for this park, what our franchisees do for their customers on a daily basis made me smile. We were able to remove trash, debris and any hindrances that might turn off a park visitor from returning as our franchisees do with the companies they service. Remove any dirt or distractions that might turn off a customer from your services or think less of your brand.

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Thank you.

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