Q: What PPE are Vanguard franchisee's and their teams using?

A: Latex disposable gloves, reusable face masks and, if needed, eye protection such as glasses or goggles. 


Q: What do I need to supply for my facility?
A: Our franchisee’s provide the labor, cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment needed. As a customer you provide all of your consumable items including toilet paper, paper towels, trash can liners and soap. You can purchase these through Vanguard Cleaning and your franchisee can maintain inventory levels and order directly through our office manager. One less thing for you to worry about!
Q: How soon can you start cleaning my facility?
A: Once we have a signed agreement, service can typically start within 1-2 weeks. A walk through would be scheduled with your service provider before service begins. 
Q: Can you provide day porter services?
A: Yes, our franchisee’s are delivering day porter services to multiple customers at this time. Day porters can be setup at part time or full time shifts based on your specific needs.
Q: Are you insured and bonded?
A: Yes, all Vanguard franchisee’s are covered by General Liability and Bonding Insurance policies. A sample certificate is provided in our sales proposal. 
Q: Can I communicate directly with my service provider and/or Vanguard Cleaning's staff?
A: Yes, after the walk through meeting you will receive all of the contact information of your franchisee and your Vanguard contact person. Our collective goal is to have professional and effective communication to keep your service level where you need it to be.
Q: What information do you need from me to give a proposal with pricing?
A:  We request an efficient site visit to see the facility and all areas where you need service. At that visit we’ll discuss the frequency of service, budget, preferred days of service and what time the franchisee can access the facility.
Q: What kind of special services do you offer?
A:  We offer hard floor maintenance ( strip & wax refinishing ), deep carpet cleaning and first floor window washing