How we say ” I love you “

img How we say I love you

Over the last few weeks, we at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville and Lexington have heard the word “why” a lot. The power this word holds is vast if we give our minds to answering it.

Being able to find our “why” instead of our “what” is a huge reason why our Franchise Owners and their janitorial services stand out above the rest. It is funny, when we look for our ‘why’ and find it, inevitably our what tends to change. This goes for every facet of life.

Very briefly, let us take a look at an example outside of the business world, but one that hits home with many Americans and people around the world; weight loss. At the most surface level if you were to ask someone WHAT they are doing when it comes to eating healthier they would likely say, ” just losing weight, trying to get thin, dieting.” All of these have become acceptable answers as to what they are doing. But let us quickly look at how that changes when you address the ‘why’. Why are you dieting or wanting to lose weight? Well, maybe it is to find an old passion one thought was lost or to be able to interact with grandkids, kids or a spouse. As these why’s become uncovered you can see their ‘what’ is changing. Losing weight is no longer ‘what’ they are doing. Getting their life back, improving their health, becoming a better mom, dad, spouse, etc is WHAT they are doing.

Bringing us back to our Why here at Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville and Lexington. Three words.


We show our love for people by helping, encouraging, carrying burdens to help them reach success. This is completed in two ways here at Vanguard.

In no particular order let’s talk about our Franchisees first. We love them, we love their stories and families. This love drives us to help them with the building blocks of running and operating a successful janitorial cleaning company here in the greater Louisville and Lexington area. We have numerous Franchisee Business Owners, many of whom are immigrants to this great country. Being able to learn about our franchisees’ lives, families, dreams, and cultures are significant to us. Being able to shoulder the burden of finding business and giving them strong foundations for success reveals our what.

We aren’t just selling franchises to potential business owners, no-no-no. We are helping people achieve their dreams of spending more time with their families, being their own boss, and increasing their levels of financial success!

The same can be said for our customers. We view our customers with love in our hearts. Imagining if that business owner was a loved one and they were running this business, we ask ourselves one question.

How can we help them be successful?

This love of wanting to help, encourage and boost someone else’s reveals our ‘WHAT’. What we don’t do is send a franchisee in to clean a building for a buck.

We pair people we love and care about together, allowing them to grow in success together. Our franchisees relieve their clients of mental exhaustion and time worrying about the cleanliness of the building and image of their business so they can focus on getting that big client and reaching their dreams! Through these pairings, and intrinsic motivations of ‘WHY’ we are here, and ‘WHY’ we are in this business, Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville and Lexington can honestly say what we do.

We tell people ‘WE LOVE YOU’ by supporting them in reaching their dreams.

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