4 Restroom Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

img 4 Restroom Cleaning Mistakes and How to Fix Them

In many facilities, restrooms are considered one of the toughest areas to clean and maintain. Vanguard Cleaning Systems Janitorial Franchisees understand that dirty bathrooms are a hazard to health and reputation if they are not properly cleaned and maintained. By following proper order and protocols Vanguard Franchisees keep occupants healthy, happy and productive. Let’s take a quick look at 4 common mistakes when cleaning restrooms and how to avoid or correct these issues.

Mistake #1: Cleaning restrooms, then using the same equipment to clean other areas of your facility.

This one seems like a no brainer, however, this does happen. While it may seem efficient to transport the same cleaning tools around with you, taking the time to set up new ones is necessary to prevent cross-contamination. Janitorial Franchisees help prevent cross-contamination which involves spreading germs and bacteria from one place to another within your facility. For example, a custodian may wipe down a toilet that has been exposed to a virus, then use the same cleaning cloth to wipe down the rest of the restroom, thus spreading the virus.

FIX: The use of microfiber cleaning cloths in multiple colors allow franchisees providing janitorial services to prevent cross-contamination thus, protecting occupant health.

Mistake #2: Cleaning the Restroom Out of Order.

We all want the entire restroom clean, this is understood. What we do not want is having the entire restroom clean in the wrong order! Yes, it really does matter where a janitorial service provider starts and stops. Without having a plan in place, two big problems could arise. Firstly, the worker could end up missing parts of the bathroom leaving dirt and grime behind for your employees to deal with, yuck! Secondly, if a worker is cleaning in the wrong order, they dramatically increase their chances of cross-contaminating YOUR bathroom!

FIX: Make sure custodial workers know what to clean and how to clean it by creating a custodial cleaning plan. Vanguard Cleaning Systems Franchisees provide all of our clients with a cleaning plan prior to start!  The plan can and should include often overlooked areas such as light switches, partitions, stall locks, etc.

Mistake #3: Confusing Disinfectant and Cleaners.

Cleaning Solutions and Disinfectants often get misused with people thinking they perform the same jobs. The fact remains, most cleaning solutions do not disinfect as most disinfectants do not clean. Each one is made for a purpose; cleaning agents help to remove the build-up of dirt, grime, and residue while disinfectants remove bacteria and germs. To do this effectively one must utilize a two-step process.

FIX: In the two-step cleaning process, start by using an all-purpose cleaner. This will remove dirt, grime, and residue. The cleaner has now successfully removed the surface mess but has left behind the invisible remnants of germs and bacteria. The next step is to apply a disinfecting solution to rid the surface of germs, bacteria, mold, mildew spores, and other contaminants. **WARNING**  Do not spray and wipe immediately. On average disinfectants will need to sit anywhere from 5-10 minutes to effectively remove illness-causing bacterias.

Mistake #4: Having an “out of sight, out of mind” attitude when cleaning.

Most janitorial service providers are detail-oriented. However someplace an emphasis on speed ( Be careful what you pay for, you reap ), thus causing a detail-oriented service provider to cut “invisible” corners. While it can be easy to forget about cleaning particular areas of a restroom that aren’t readily visible most of the time it is due to laziness or speed.

FIX: When cleaning toilets, look at the underside of the rims for visible bacterial growth. Remove any tacky, brown residue that has accumulated near toilets, sinks and floor drains. Lastly, do your due diligence when choosing a janitorial service provider and understand you get what you pay for. If that bid seems really low in price, it usually comes at a cost and that cost is often looked over details. What you are saving in payments to the Janitorial service provider you often lose in employee sick days.

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