Trust Your Janitorial Company! Read this Google Review from Goldberg Simpson

Blog image March 23 2022

We were very happy to read the Google review that Mary Anne from Goldberg Simpson posted. She was so impressed with the trustworthiness of her janitorial team that she wrote about her experience. It is critical to have trust and confidence that the people working in your facility at night are reliable, paid fairly, and motivated to take care of your cleaning needs and assets.

Please take a minute to read the Google review directly from Goldberg Simpson.

“It’s not often when cleaning teams get praised for things that most people take for granted. However, I felt compelled to comment on how honest and trustworthy our cleaning team are. In particular, this past weekend a large sum of cash was inadvertently left on a chair in one of our offices. Obviously, this is not something we would ordinarily do, but when we discovered it Monday morning we were so relieved to find that, while the room had been cleaned very well, the cash had not been disturbed in any way. This speaks volumes for the integrity of our cleaning team, and we want to thank them, not only for their fine work, but also for their impressive work ethic. Way to go, Team!” – Mary Anne R..

Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville is proud to have counted Goldberg Simpson as a client for over 11 years! Frater and Sara and their team provide nightly janitorial services including dusting, vacuuming, trash removal, restroom cleaning and lobby cleaning. If your cleaning provider is not meeting your janitorial needs, protecting your assets and building your trust, please contact us to set-up a time to learn more and review your commercial cleaning needs.