National Poll Rates Kentucky #1 In Covid Response

img National Poll Rates Kentucky 1 In Covid Response

In an ongoing survey, roughly 30,000 Americans who provided valid zip codes of residence have responded with their opinions of how their local governments are handling COVID response.

With the federal response receiving poor marks among the individual American, the state and local governments are on the forefront for their citizens. [1]

As the responses came in, it became clear Kentuckians are steadfast behind Gov. Andy Beshear. Kentucky finished in 1st place receiving a score of 4.44 out of 5 in its response to coronavirus. His daily 5’o clock briefings have been seen as a calming bright spot for Kentuckians during this time according to their responses.

The top 10 in voting are:

1. Kentucky
2. Ohio
3. Maryland
4. Rhode Island
5. New York
6. Louisiana
8. Utah
9. New Mexico
10. Minnesota

You can read more about the rankings in this full article here:

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