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Trust and consistency are the foundation of a positive relationship with a janitorial service provider. You will meet your franchisee in person before service starts and easily communicate with Vanguard and your franchisee through texts, emails, and face-to-face meetings based on your needs and preferences.

Extra care and attention are given to using non-toxic chemicals, properly cleaned mops, keeping those high traffic restrooms clean, and adjusting to the requests and preferences of your staff, teachers, parents, and students! They all take pride in your school, and the classrooms and cleaning service level must support your professional brand and educational goals. A healthy school facility is a by-product of the right level of janitorial service.

Our service providers are familiar with the best janitorial chemicals and equipment to use to remove the dirt, grease, and dust that can be in your school facility. Critically, they put the right staffing level in place to address the more challenging environment you operate in. Specific to the commercial cleaning needs of schools, our service providers meet the following:

  • Compliance with all confidentiality and background check requirements
  • Knowledge of safety standards
  • Use of green cleaning (non-toxic) chemicals, microfiber cloths and mops, and HEPA vacuum filters to reduce bacteria and dust levels
  • Effective communication to adjust the routine to meet sanitizing needs and special requests
  • Consistency with staff members and cleaning attention to detail

 Our franchisee have years of experience with many local schools and child care facilities such as Primrose Academy, Chance School and St. Francis School. They understand the unique scheduling and requirements that are inherent in an educational facility.

We want to discuss your specific needs to learn more about your janitorial needs and can provide local, private school references. We believe we are the best option for you to make a real change that leads to higher quality janitorial service and satisfaction.

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