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Due to the continued and large increases in e-commerce and shipping activity, we all know logistics businesses are very busy! Your facilities have unique janitorial service needs. As a critical part of our professional sales process, we ask the right questions to understand your current challenges, concerns, and your specific janitorial requirements. Our commercial cleaning service providers have a track record of exceeding these needs and we have adjusted our service schedule to satisfy many local logistics facilities.

Due to our wonderful geographic location, logistics businesses have thrived in our region (Greater Louisville and Southern Indiana), and we know that the demands on you and your staff have increased. Due to our experience in your industry, we know your janitorial services provider has to deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning alongside you and your staff. You do not have any time to spend on the distraction of trying to manage an outsourced, professional janitorial service. You also cannot afford downtime, it is essential to receive the right level of service, day porter cleaning, and disinfecting to keep your workers safe, happy and productive.

Our service providers are familiar with the best janitorial chemicals and equipment to use to remove dirt, grease, and dust that can be in your logistics facility. Critically, they put the right staffing level in place to deliver quality cleaning consistently in a more challenging environment than a typical office building. Our customers have consistently added day porter services, increased disinfection levels, additional hard floor services, and carpet cleaning to maintain their logistics facility at a clean, consistent janitorial service level.

Our franchisees have expertise in handling the commercial cleaning service needs of local businesses such as Wolverine Worldwide and Material Handling Systems.

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