Health Care Cleaning Services


More than ever before, health care facilities and the people that work in them need a clean and properly disinfected environment. As a critical part of our professional sales process, we ask the right questions to understand your current challenges, concerns, and your specific janitorial requirements. Our commercial cleaning service providers have a track record of exceeding these needs and we have refined our medical service schedule to satisfy many local health care clinics and offices.

Due to our experience in health care cleaning, we know your janitorial services provider has to deliver consistent, high-quality cleaning each service. You do not have any time to spend on the distraction of trying to manage an outsourced, professional janitorial service. You and your team are very busy delivering the highest standard of care to your patients – your janitorial vendor must do the same with proactive cleaning, day porter, and disinfecting services to keep your team safe, happy, and productive.

Our service providers are familiar with the best janitorial chemicals and equipment to use to remove the dirt, grease, and dust that can be in your medical facility. Critically, they put the right staffing level in place to address the more challenging environment you operate in. Specific to the commercial cleaning needs of health care businesses, our service providers meet the following:

  • Compliance with all HIPPA requirements
  • Knowledge of safety standards and blood-borne pathogen procedures
  • Use of green cleaning (non-toxic) chemicals, microfiber cloths and mops, and HEPA vacuum filters to reduce bacteria and dust levels
  • Effective communication to adjust the routine to meet sanitizing needs and special requests
  • Consistency with staff members and cleaning attention to detail 

Our health care customers have consistently added increased disinfection levels and additional hard floor services, and carpet cleaning to maintain their medical facility at a clean, consistent janitorial service level. This is critical for your brand and the first impression made to your doctors, nurses, staff, and patients!

Our franchisees have expertise in handling the healthcare cleaning service needs of local businesses such as Women First of Louisville and LabCorp.

We want to discuss your specific needs to learn more about your janitorial needs and can provide health care client references. We believe we are the best option for you to make a real change that leads to higher quality janitorial service and satisfaction.

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