Vanguard cleaning Systems®


Hard Floor Cleaning



What if your facility’s floors looked great all the time?

The condition of your floors complements your facility’s architecture and enhances your company’s image and brand.

It is essential to have correct daily cleaning and annual maintenance programs to keep surfaces clean, streak-free, shiny and safe. We have franchisees that specialize in delivering hard floor care and maintenance including:

  • Strip & Wax (Refinishing)
  • Scrubbing & Re-coating
  • Buffing
  • Refinishing

Refinishing – Stripping, cleaning, and rinsing of the floor surface before new coats of finish are applied to the floor to protect and improve appearance.

This is the most labor intensive and costly floor service available. The frequency is dependent on the amount of traffic a floor receives, the type of material and whether the floor has been properly cared for on a weekly basis.

Scrubbing and Recoating — Periodic maintenance by removing the top layer of floor finish, thoroughly cleaning the floor, and reapplying finish. This extends the life of the finish, saving money and reducing materials used with a costly strip and wax service.

Spray Buffing or High-Speed Buffing – Restores shine to keep floors looking their best.

Flooring material types that can benefit from buffing include polished concrete, terrazzo, and VCT.  Don’t know what material type your flooring is comprised of? Contact us! We will not only identify the material but lay out a detailed care plan that helps preserve your flooring investment.

Understanding the requirements of each material helps us ensure your unique surface gets the correct attention to keep it looking good for years to come.