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Day Porter




Day porters have a direct impact on your building’s image and maintenance during business hours. Many industrial, logistics, and multi-tenant office clients can benefit from extra staffing to maintain high traffic or highly occupied spaces. We continually receive positive feedback about the overall level of cleanliness, higher employee morale, and fewer headaches for our Louisville customers and points of contact. An additional return on your investment is that the night cleaning team will have more time to focus on their highest impact cleaning tasks.

Customize Task Programs for Day Porters
Together we can customize a task program that fits the specific needs of your facility and staff, including the potential following areas of focus:

High touch disinfecting:
Has a positive impact on health and morale of staff. They get to see the investment you are making in a clean work environment.

Lobby maintenance:
Improves first impression appearance for client visits, and your staff enters a building they can be proud of.

Cleaning common areas like kitchens, cafeterias, and patios:
Prevents the buildup of trash and food leftovers. The night cleaning team will have more time to clean these areas instead of removing excess trash.

Cleaning & restocking restrooms:
Restrooms are a key area of focus, even more after the concerns related to COVID. Boosts employee morale and reduces complaints.

Addressing immediate needs such as spills, stains, or office moves:
Helpful to address any time-sensitive cleaning needs that occur during business hours.

Why Choose Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville for your Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning Needs
Vanguard Cleaning Systems of Louisville has been providing janitorial and commercial cleaning services to the Louisville community for over 11 years. We are locally owned and operated. Our franchisees are known for providing five-star service. We have over fifty, five-star google reviews from Louisville businesses for our janitorial and commercial cleaning services.

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