COVID 19 Info/Occupancy and Related Janitorial Service Levels

Janitorial service levels to support the level of occupancy at your facility

Fully Opened

  • We recommend that you evaluate the service level and task that your vendor is providing. For our fully opened customers we have added high touch disinfecting to their routine service schedule.
  • Day porters give employees confidence and allow them to focus on being in the office for a longer or full day.
  • Electrostatic spraying after any team illnesses or over a weekend can start the week off with a strong message of health and positive support.

Partially Opened

  • Resources can be reallocated towards more disinfecting, low touch dispensers and most commonly used areas of your facility.
  • Occasional electrostatic spraying to offset any concerns of employees as more team members return to work.

Planning For Reopening

  • Review with our team’s expert on how your office will be occupied and what common areas will need attention.
  • Evaluate floor maintenance history and future needs to ensure appearance for returning employees is A+.
  • Evaluate needed new service items such as high touch disinfection, a pre-opening full facility deep clean, to be followed by electrostatic spraying.
  • Review what chemicals have been used in the past, we recommend Spartan Green chemicals and their GS disinfectant. Spartan Green Chemicals