3 Steps to Take Before Re-Opening Your Facility

img-3 Steps to Take Before Re Opening Your Facility

Covid-19 continues to linger in the headlines as the world strives to re-open. If you own a business or manage the facility, the following tips will help you prepare your workplace, protect your people, and minimize the spread of COVID-19.

STEP 1: Assess the Situation

  • FACILITY INSPECTION: For many customers, a complete shutdown of the facility has occurred over the last 3 months. For others, minimal employee occupancy occurred. With the reduction of janitorial services due to suspended operations, our facilities may feel like an ancient ruin. Therefore, we must inspect the facility for things like mold, dusty, dirty or damaged surfaces.
  • GAIN KNOWLEDGE: Be sure to look over any recommended guidelines given by the CDC, WHO, and local offices for cleaning, disinfecting, and re-opening procedures.
  • KNOW WHAT IT IS WORTH: Review your company’s budget to ensure proper funds are available for the required level of service, frequency, and products. Having healthy employees translates to better profits. Now is not the time to get by with your level of facility hygiene.


Putting in place a thorough and detailed policy program helps to ensure quality cleaning and disinfecting programs that stand the test of time. Having something like this is always beneficial regardless of ongoing pandemics or seasonal sickness.

  • THOROUGH POLICY: The policies should help elaborate on the procedures that will be occurring, their frequency, and the potential training of employees on the procedures.
  • DAILY PROCEDURE OUTLINE: The more detailed the daily procedure outline the stronger chance a company has of maintaining a superior level of cleanliness and hygiene

Examples should include what surfaces need to be cleaned, the delegation of responsibility, appropriate product use for the task

Product instruction: Detailing the use of any and all products for proper effectiveness

.               Public health basics: Hand washing, staying at home when sick, etc.

  • PLAN FOR PANIC: Create a separate policy and procedure for ‘in case of emergency’ situations. This will act as the lead guide for any outbreaks that may sweep through your facility in the future. Detailing proper employee guidelines, protective wear use, work from home, etc.
  • TRAIN OR HIRE EXPERTS: If you can not train your current staff to handle the level of cleanliness your facility will require then you can outsource to a high rated janitorial service company like Vanguard Cleaning Systems. These employees or outsourced companies should be well versed in all the policies and procedures in place.


  • Communicate with your staff. Confirm their cooperation and satisfaction with the policies and procedures as they have played out.
  • Build a team atmosphere. Send out memos, emails, etc… doubling down on the efforts of your cleaning staff or janitorial service provider. Create an emphasis on sharing this effort of maintaining a safe and healthy work environment.
  • Re-assess and commit to the budget based on all information gathered throughout the process of updating policies and procedures.